Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Brakeman's Lantern

This is Alan Pizzarelli leading a renku session 
at the special Haiku North America 2012 
Haiku Retreat at Asilomar
which Yuki Teikei co-sponsored with HNA and other haiku groups.


           bending back
along the railroad track
                                tiger lilies

as the train passes
      the heads of geese
                     pop out of the tall grass

 snow falls from trees
of passing boxcars

far down the railroad tracks
the brakeman's lantern
                gets lost among the fireflies

                     a train horn
                        fades into the distance
                     boxcar wheels

Alan Pizzarelli

Frozen Socks; new and selected short poems,
House of Haiku, 2015, page 182.

I have just bought my copy of Alan's new book, Frozen Socks!
It makes wonderful reading. I am amazed at the variety of things the author does with short forms. I especially like his arrangements of the text on the page, which I have tried to reproduce here as well as I could within Blogger's limits. You could easily spend $12.99 on something with a lot less nourishment in it.    jhh

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