Monday, November 21, 2016

Haiku Gathering a quarter century ago!

I must have forgotten to have them say "cheese!"
Left to right: Patricia J. Machmiller, 
Margaret Chula, James Hackett!

All of these people have written books that are worth looking up!

This is a candid moment from the haiku past.
I took it at Haiku North America 1993.

who taught me how to sail
now asks me the word
for the place
where horses sleep

Margaret Chula
Ash Moon Press Anthology, 2008

on the patio
the afternoon drifts along
with the butterfly

Patricia Machmiller

Haiku World; an international poetry almanac, 
William J. Higginson, Kodansha International, 1996, page 80.

An abandoned book . . .
skimming through its pages,
breezes from the sea.

James Hackett

NOTE: Thanks to Michael Dylan Welch for the corrected date of 1993, which was the
HNA that Mr. Hackett attended.  jhh