Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Contemplating the Moon Cake

 In this impromptu iPhone capture of the unveiling of the Moon Cake, three people
are wearing glasses. Roger Abe's are the most askew, Betty Arnold peers over hers.
Joan Zimmerman, in blue, self-possessed as usual, smiles through her specs.
The only other recognizable person in the photo is dear Ann Bendixen,
between Roger and Betty.
The event was the moon-viewing of this year at Carol Steele's house in Capitola.
September 26, 2015.

kyo no koyoi neru toki mo naki tsuki mi kana

I have no time to sleep


And here is a portrait of the moon cake itself, 
which fortunately 
is not wearing glasses.
Instead, it is ready to be eaten,
and is providing its own plastic forks.

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