Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reading each haiku twice

This is our YT Stalwart Judith Schallberger reading HAIKU at the
Willow Glen Poetry Project this past Thursday.
These readings are held monthly on the First Thursday of each month.
They are always well-attended, with a lively, interested audience!
Judith reads each of her fine haiku twice,
as is often our practice.

family dynamics
what I never suspected . . .
blood orange squeeze

the hesitation
captured in our gazes --
summer squall

just enough air
for tiny chimes to tinkle
truth comes in few words

a senior tour bus inches along the freeway--oleander buds

(a good example of a one line haiku!)

Judith Morrison Schallberger

Scattered Acorns; Yuki Teikei
Membership Anthology 2014

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