Monday, October 26, 2015

A Bolo Tie

This ceremony is being held in the Buddhist Temple in San Jose.
It might have been one of the ceremonies to honor and remember the dead,
perhaps Kiyoshi's mother, but the photo is unlabeled.
Left to right, Kiyoshi Tokutomi, Kiyoko Yokutomi and the Buddhist priest.
I like to see them standing there so upright and nicely dressed
and so young. Yukiko told me that her Uncle Hiromichi made the bolo tie;
Yukiko still has it.

A bit of sourness
reminds me of my first love
strawberry milkshake

Kiyoshi Tokutomi pages

Many of Kiyoshi's haiku have been lost
and we only have records of a few of them. 
But this one is just about perfect on its combination
of daily life and reminiscence.

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