Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don't give up!

I have been preparing a box of photographs to be sent off for professional scanning. 
This one was so dark it could hardly be seen, so I did not put it in the box.
But I took a couplle of the darkest ones and scanned them anyway.
I used an older scanner which only scans up to 400 dpi. But it provided
some automatic correction and I could see these happy smiles
when I looked at the scan. The color was poor, so I changed it 
to black and white. Then I fiddled with the light and dark in Picasa,
the free photo manager. Now you can see these bright smiles
from the renku party at the YT Asilomar Haiku Retreat in 2006.
Left to right, Patricia Machmiller, Anne Homan and Jerry Ball.
All three have served as YTHS President.

beyond our mailbox
the uphill road vanishes
into winter rain

Anne M. Homan
YT Member's Anthology, 1998

a chilly night’s walk
I can see hollow spaces
as houselights go out

Jerry Ball
San Francisco Haiku Anthology,
Smythe Waite Press, 1992

winter galaxy—
a younger me once resolved
there’d be no regrets  
    Frogpond, Spring/Summer, 2013   

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