Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Winter Drizzle

During Dr. Akito Arima's visit, we took him to Muir Woods,
a protected Coast Redwood forest north of San Francisco. 
From this moss on this tree trunk, you can guess 
what kind of moist, ocean-influenced climate the Coast Redwood prefers.

January 11, 2006.  After a lovely meal at Cliff House, above the ocean, we shared the day's haiku in a kukai with several  judges. 

the stream filled
with invisible salmon
I walk across
Patrick Gallagher
white water
over redwood roots
the taste of sorrel
Claire Gallagher
winter drizzle
redwoods absorb
the city inside me

Fay Aoyagi

Above  are some of the choices of Patricia Machmiller.

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