Friday, April 3, 2015

In the Great Hall at Nara

This is one of the huge temple guardians in the Great Hall at Nara. 

A highlight of the visit to Japan in 1997 was a trip to Nara, 
where we visited the Great Buddha Hall, an immense wooden building 
that was erected to house a huge bronze statue of the Buddha. 
The previous wooden structures were destroyed by fire.
Basho also visited this site before the third iteration of the temple was completed.

kiku no ka ya | Nara ni wa furuki | hotoketachi
scent of chrysanthemums
in Nara
ancient Buddhas
hatsu yuki ya | itsu Daibutsu no | hashira date
first snow!
when will the temple building start
for the Great Buddha?

Great Buddha's Hall--
I buy a charm for 
June Hopper Hymas
(There was a shop at Todaiji, where one could purchase little paper charms. 
Since I lived in California, I thought an earthquake charm might be the most useful.)

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