Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cliff House Kukai

January 11, 2006, Dr, Akito Arima and Garry Gay, smiling
at the Cliff House during Dr. Akito Arima's visit and
after our ginko in Muir Woods. For the kukai, Dr. Arima, Garry
and Patricia Machmiller served as judges.

This was one of Garry's choices  at the kukai.

lightning-struck redwood—
inside the charred hollow
how small I am

Ebba Story

* * *

Garry won the Gerald Brady Senryu contest in 2010 
with this verse.  
my skeleton
going for a walk
in the cemetery

Garry Gay

and this Honorable Mention in the same contest
has been one of my favorites:

as we pull it apart
I change my mind

Garry Gay

Frogpond; the journal of the Haiku Society of America,
 Vol. 34:, 2011 pages 168-169.

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