Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wedding in San Jose

This is the coincidence that brought Kiyoko from Japan to San Jose to teach us about haiku. 
Kiyoshi was sent to be educated in Japan by his parents here in California.
The outbreak of World War II caught him in Japan. During the war he taught school there, 
where he met Kiyoko, another teacher. Later, she came to San Jose so they could be married.
I always enjoyed being around them together; they were so obviously involved and
caring of each other. Because he could not hear, she constantly communicated with him
by finger writing on her outstretched hand, so he could participate.
Together they founded the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, which is having its 
Fortieth Anniversary this year!

April Fools' Day
my husband who loved to play tricks on me
already gone

Kiyoko Tokutomi

Lost--with my husband--
my wish to play jokes
April Fool's Day
Kiyoko Tokutomi

from Kiyoko's Sky; the haiku of Kiyoko Tokutomi; translated by Patricia Machmiller and Fay Aoyagi, Brooks Books, 2002.

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