Saturday, April 4, 2015

Haiku Poet & Bartender

This is Jerry Kilbride on the beach at Asilomar in 1992; I'm pretty sure he is writing haiku,
He was a mainstay of our Haiku Retreats for many years. He was also
 an honorary curator of the American Haiku Archive at the California State Library.
He had been instrumental in its founding.
I always thought he pretended to be a little cranky to camouflage his sweet spirit.

end of a long day
the old bartender's feet
take the floorboards home

cloud shadows
on silent cliffs
where condors nested

fog . . .
just the tree and I
at the bus stop

windows filled with light
at the home for the blind,
christmas night

nursing a friend with AIDS
I close the window
against rain

last flutter
of the butterfly
in the mime’s hand


jumping rope
the little girl and her shadow
touch touch touch touch touch

Jerry Kilbride

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