Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Haiku Web

These webs are from my own meadow in Michigan. 
Some summer days when there is a morning mist,
one can see just how busy the spiders have been. jhh

edge of moon
a spider weaving

a star breathes
another, the slow swell
of a snail's world

night sky . . 
in the darkest corner
a star exhales

Paresh Tiwari

An Inch of Sky;
haiku and haibun,
20 Notebooks Press, page 56.
(Available from Amazon)

I first met Dr. Angelee Deodhar at the 
haiku conference some of our group attended
in 1997. She has written the foreword to this book
and recommended it to me.
I have rarely found a haiku book
that so impressed me. The standard of work
here is very high. I haven't been able to read
the haibun yet, but I am expecting them 
to be excellent also.
June Hopper Hymas


  1. Thank you so much June
    This comes as a pleasant surprise and you acknowledging my work with such kind words is an honour beyond measure.

    Peace and Light

  2. Thank you for this post,June dear ,have sent the link to Paresh.
    I am not a face book person and had I not received this intimation
    from FB,I would not have known about your BLOG or your kind words about Inch of Sky.Wishing you and all at Yuki Teikei all the best for a wonderful joyous creative healthy 2016,

    love and light,