Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Butterfly Wings

 At the 20015 YT Haiku Retreat, Carolyn Fitz led our art session
with a discussion and demonstration of sketching insects.
This would help us make better observations and might also
be used in making haiga (haiku and art in concert)
as many of us like to do.
I am always fascinated by the delicate way in which Carolyn
holds her drawing tool, as she moves it seems to float across the paper.

Wake! The sky is light!
let us to the road again . . .
Companion butterfly!


The haiku of Basho on the website
this haiku was borrowed from
are taken from a couple of older books
of his haiku, but the translator for
each haiku is not specified.
This version has a lot of punctuation,
which is not so commonly done now--
thus I suspect it is from the old
Peter Pauper book that introduced 
so many of us to haiku.
When I went to the Monarch Grove in nearby Pacific Grove, the butterflies
were flocking, but they were so high in the tall trees, that it was very hard to get a sense
of what they looked like. This one had ended his life's journey on the ground
with his wings neatly folded, He quietly posed 
for my clearest butterfly picture,

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