Monday, December 21, 2015

The Fan

Ellen Brooks performed her powerful dance on the journey of a life
from youth to old age at the Asilomar Retreat this year. 
Hard to believe that this night was already a month ago!
The narrator, David Sheretz can be seen. Betty Arnold
 and Patricia Machmiller (hidden behind dancer)
performed sound effects and musical cues.
Ellen made powerful use of this fan during the
whole performance, snapping it violently open and shut
and displayiing it like a weapon!

David Lanoue was our treasured special guest at the Retreat this year. He recounted how he learned Japanese to translate the haiku of Issa. Now he has translated ten thousand of them and made the translations available on his website:

One can search the website using keywords. I was delighted
to find a generous choice when I used the word "fan" for my keyword!

ko takara yo mo hitotsu rikime musha ôgi

treasured child--
one more mighty effort
with the samurai's fan


translation by David Lanoue

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