Friday, January 30, 2015

Paul Takes a Picture

 This was taken at one of the beloved Yuki Teikei Christmas Parties. This party was at the Gallagher home in Sunnyvale. Fay Aoyagi, in splendid holiday earrings, is getting ready to distribute her haiku gift; we each bring enough copies for everyone. Under the candles at the upper left is Ebba Story, a fine poet, who wrote Challenge Kigo essays for the Geppo for several years. Paul O. Williams is in the lower right;  and, who knows, I might be in his picture! He is wearing one of his signature stone necklaces. We miss Paul a lot. Here is a link to his Wikipedia page.  The partial heads in the lower right belong to the current YT President, Alison Woolpert, and her guy, Alan.

the conductor
raises his baton
outside robins sing

Paul O. Williams

This is the title haiku from one of Paul's excellent books
of haiku, Outside Robins Sing, Brooks Books, 1999. 

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