Saturday, January 24, 2015

Natural Science and Poetry

With Dr. Arima on a visit to San Francisco. 
Left to right: Dr Akito Arima, Donnalynn Chase, 
Patricia J. Machmiller and Carol Steele. 
All these women have been actively involved 
in Yuki Teikei activities and publications.
Carol and Patricia are YT Past Presidents.

In my experience, I am convinced that natural science and poetry have many similarities. Both pursuits require us to be sensitive and imaginative toward nature in order to get new ideas and follow a logical thought process. So it is not so peculiar for one person to be involved in both activities.

Dr. Akito Arima, from the Author's Preface 
to Einstein's Century
Brooks Books, 2001, page 17.

a crane takes wing
to mend a flaw 
in the sky

Einstein's Century, page 93

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