Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Buson's Spring Sea

The sea is really flat here, it just looks curved because of my fisheye lens.  jhh

Many years ago, I asked Kiyoko if people ever repeated a word 
in haiku--haiku being so short, may be it wouldn't work. 
Buson's haiku below was the answer she gave me. 
This came back to me once again, after she died, 
when we visited this overlook to the Monterey Bay
during one of our YT Haiku Retreats at Asilomar. 
Because there is a great deal of kelp visible 
on the surface here, it is easy to see the 
rise and fall, rise and fall of the sea.

हरु नो उमी हिनेमोसू नोटरी नोटरी काना 
haru no umi hinemosu notari notari kana

The spring sea rising 
and falling, rising 
    and falling all day

Translated by Robert Hass.

The spring sea--
all day long it rises and falls
rises and falls

translated by Robert Aiken

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