Monday, January 26, 2015

Many various things

Coming towards me, under the blossoming cherries 
on our 2007 Yuki Teikei trip to Japan,
dearest Ann Bendixen!

The honorable Tangan held a flower-viewing party
at his villa. Things were just as in the old days.

many various things
come to mind
cherry blossoms


from Basho; The Complete Haiku
by Jane Reichhold

Sometimes, as here, Basho included a headnote with a poem.
He had been invited to view the cherry blossoms at the home 
of the son of the man he had served, when young, 
until his friend's and master's untimely death at age 25. 
Many people feel that this early loss set Basho on the path 
to becoming more religious and more interested in poetry.

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