Friday, August 21, 2015

A Platter of Persimmons

At one of the Yuki Teikei gatherings (I think it might have been a renku party.)
someone (I think it might have been Ann Bendixen)
brought a platter of persimmons, striking in their vividness.

So I have been looking tonight for some of the famous haiku by Shiki
about persimmons. This is from the World Haiku Review, Summer, 2013,
and gives us two English versions of the same haiku.

Maegaki (foreword) says: "Resting at a tea house of Horyuji Temple".

Kaki=persimmon/ kueba=as I eat/ kane=bell/ naru=rings/ nari=an adverb/ Horyuji=Horyuji Temple

as I eat a persimmon
the bell starts ringing
at Horyuji Temple 

(version by Susumu Takiguchi)

I bite into a persimmon
and a bell resounds –

(tr. by Janine Beichman)

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