Tuesday, July 28, 2015

White Rabbit

This is Kiyoko Tokutomi's oldest grandchild, Nicholette, 
at her grandmother's house many years ago.
Kiyoko loved her grandchildren very much: 
to know that all you had to do was to see them together.
Many years ago at the Watsonville Obon, I saw Grandmother and grandchild dancing
(that is a link above)
This past weekend, Nicholette danced again with her mother and sister!

are you the harvest moon's
white rabbit


Instead of seeing, as some Westerners do, a man on the moon, Japanese people perceive the outline of a rabbit. Shinji Ogawa notes that gyomei dai or gomyô dai means a "representative" in this context. The rabbit is representing the moon on earth, Issa quips.
[Explanatory note and translation of Issa's haiku from David Lanoue's website; haikuguy.com

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