Friday, July 17, 2015

Emma Prusch

This is Emma Prusch, a very smart and civic-minded lady who left her farm 
(then nestled right in the middle of the City of San Jose) to the city 
to be used as a demonstration place for the rural life of earlier times. 
She also had the civic-mindedness to specify that parking at the park 
must always be free; and thus families are seen enjoying the park, the animals 
and the large grassy playing field in all good weathers. 
Emma is seen here in her portrait on display at the Prusch Farm Park.

One of our Yuki Teikei presidents (and a long-time member) is Roger Abe,
an Interpretive Park Ranger for the City of San Jose.
We often visit parks and reserves (as we did this one!) with Roger
on our ginko, or haiku walks. We had a wonderful one here at the Farm Park
and over the next few days on this blog we will look at pictures
of some of the  things we saw. Prusch is a great place.
I find it wonderful that such a place is nestled alongside the freeway
near a cloverleaf interchange.

This is one of the cats that live at the  Prusch Farm Park
who came to the meeting when we were reading
the haiku we had written on our tour of the Farm Park.
This is a very self-possessed cat!

sharing the food
in the cat's dish...
baby sparrow


translation by David Lanoue
from his website:

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