Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teruo Yamagata, a sad farewell

From Japan, the very, very sad news that Mr. Teruo Yamagata has died. 
He was involved with Yuki Teikei Haiku Society from our very beginnings 
when we were an offshoot of the Yukuharu Haiku Society in Japan to which he belonged.
He visited us whenever he traveled to California; we were thrilled
when he came to the celebrations for our Twenty-fifth Anniversary in 2000.
no sooner swept
than on the same street
scattered acorns

each new grain of rice
seems to stand with the others
in the straw bag

for children to play
a game of hide-and-seek
a field of haystacks

no more
western films
summer house

Christmas card
which should I choose
Mt. Fuji or Ukiyoe

looking taller
than a cathedral
bare trees

Teruo Yamagata

These haiku appeared in the 2014 Member's Anthology,
which was titled Scattered Acorns after his haiku.

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