Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Renku Extravaganza!

On the final night of the YT Retreat at Asilomar,
we have a longstanding tradition of a festive RENKU PARTY.
Here you see Renku Master Emiko Miyashita in official regalia. 
We will be showing some of the other poets' costumes in the days to come.
The wall hanging behind her was made by Donnalynn Chase 
incorporating one of Emiko's drawings from the previous Retreat.

Perhaps this will give you an insight into the tone of the proceedings!
This is verse 13--a little more than one-third of the way through
the 36-link renku form. It is a "moon link"
meaning it must use, in this case, the winter moon.

Winter moon
as pale as

I took the picture before the author's name was written on the record.
I will have to add it when I find out who wrote that great link!  jhh

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