Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meeting in Japanese Gardens

Kiyoko Tokutomi is writing haiku in the Japanese garden in Golden Gate Park. 
Ed Thompson was there, too. It seems a long time ago now. 
The local members have been lucky to have had ginko in so many gardens and parks, 
which we are fortunate to have nearby in this part of California.
But any little strip of garden, woods, lawn or moor 
will surely turn out to have haiku gifts if we but look for them.

Touched by a fine rain
it closes itself up early
the mimosa
Kiyoko Tokutomi

The little stream's murmuring
is louder--new sprouts
of iris
Kiyoko Tokutomi

Kiyoko's Sky, Brooks Books, 2002, pages 20 and 26.

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