Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Assemble for Group Photograph!

At Haiku North America 2112, Asilomar, we are summoned for the group photograph.
Assembling, left to right: Alison Wolpert, Deborah Kolodji, black baseball cap person, 
Joseph Robello, blue shirt person, Nardin Gottfried, Fay Aoyagi, Carolyn Hall.
This is a lot of haiku talent to cram into one snapshot!

windfall apples
what I think about
when I think

Carolyn Hall

war news
the underbelly of a moth
pressed to my window

Carolyn Hall

reprinted in
Haiku 21; an anthology of contemporary 
English language haiku.
Modern Haiku Press, Lincoln, Illinois, 2011, pages 86-87.

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