Friday, March 20, 2015

For the love of Cherry Blossoms

This photo should get you in the mood for the approaching cherry-blossom-viewing season.
Sometimes it seems as if haiku were invented in Japan just to rhapsodize about
Cherry Blossoms!
A very outstanding recent YT haiku walk, or ginko, was the one we took
to the Tilden Botanic Garden in the Berkeley.Hills, led by David Sheretz. 
TBG is one of the East Bay Regional Parks, and focuses on the planting 
and preservation of California native plants.
Here Carol Steele and Ann Bendixen stand by a blossoming tree near the entrance.
Afterwards, we spent the afternoon looking at spring bloom of all kinds and learning
about the plants that grow there.

From all these trees
in the salads, the soup, everywhere
cherry blossoms fall.
translated by Robert Hass

The cherry blossoms fallen--
through the branches
a temple.
translated by Robert Hass

The end of spring
   in the cherry blossoms
translated by Robert Hass

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