Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Haiku Walk at Filoli

On last Saturday, April 9, despite a predicted rainstorm, 
members of Yuki Teikei enjoyed a spring blossom
outing to the Filoli Gardens in Woodside, south of San Francisco.
Patricia Machmiller, still in the "halo" after her accident
(but hopefully for only a week or two more)
was able to come. Here she is in The Garden House, 
backed by the white tulips that are featured at this time of year.
This portrait was taken by Mimi Ahern.
Some of us spent some time writing and thinking about SPRINGTIME!
in the garden house, others walked about in the house and gardens.

This is the entrance to the Garden House. It was heated in the winter!

The Swan Table in the entry court 
sported a spectacular arrangement! 

White tulips in pots were everywhere!

 The weather was moist, but it wasn't
actually raining most of the time.
To me, it felt more like walking about inside cloud.

 White wistaria was in full bloom! There was pale purple, too.

The garden is carefully laid out 
with pleasing walkways and places to sit.

Before we began, we lunched together in Filoli's cafe, 
where the pre-prepared food was fresh and very tasty.
Afterwards we met there again to share haiku.

Some of our haiku will appear in Geppo 
with another account of this fine day,
which will also appear in the HSA Newsletter.

Here are two of mine:

people taking photos
of the people they came with
--fallen camellias

pale gray-white sky
it's like living
inside cloud

JHHymas, Filoli, 2016

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