Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just a Hand . . .

More fun at a Renku Party, the traditional last evening of the YT Haiku Retreat at Asilomar.
I was going to crop this, but I have grown fond of the hand at the left, which reminds me
of Patricia Machmiller's gestures. Carol Steele is here again, with Billie Dee 
and Judith Schallberger, with her beautiful white hair behind them.
Outside, one of the distinctive streetlamps of Asilomar!

taniai ni kuruma suteari aki takashi

In a deep ravine
a car has been abandoned--
autumn sky so high

Kiyoko Tokutomi
translated by Fay Aoyagi and P. J. Machmiller

Kiyoko's Sky; Brooks Books, 2002, page 43.

Although this is not a verse from a renku,
it is a reminder that a good group poem should include
many types of subjects. An abandoned car
in a ravine is just the ticket! jhh

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